A Snowy Wedding in Breckenridge

I met with Ashley & Clint at one of the most amazing rental homes I’ve seen in Breckenridge. Within a couple of days they emailed to say that they wanted to hire me as their photographer. Wanting to know a bit more about them, I clicked on Ashley’s website to find out that she is a personal life coach. Her tagline is: Confidence, Clarity and Courage. I love this girl already. I am passionate about happy people with positive energy and this woman, this couple, seems to have it in spades. I emailed Ashley to let her know that I was excited to be working with them and also mentioned that she seems to have a great career and a very special skill of helping others. Her response back to me ended with this quote:
“Love who you are and what you bring to the world!”

Well, I do love the ability to work with people on one of the most special days of their lives… and I do love taking photographs of them that they will treasure forever! Thanks Ashley & Clint for being such a lovely couple to work with and for taking an oath to not let anything stress you out in any way on your wedding day! Such great advice to all.