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A Dreamy, Winter Wedding at Arapahoe Basin

With arms linked, Jenny and her mother rode up the chairlift  to a crowd of friends and family waiting on the deck of the Black Mountain Lodge.  Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, with the Continental Divide as the backdrop, the deck of the BML offers one of the most epic wedding venues that I’ve ever experienced.

That spring afternoon came with all types of weather, of course. First, there was a grey, overcast sky. However, it was that crazy, high-alpine type of haze which makes you feel as though you are in a black & white photograph. Then, there were random, breakthrough moments  of blue sky. This was followed by ridiculous sessions of snow dumping so hard, with such big flakes that it was like being in a shake-up, fantasy, snow globe.

Everyone watched as she walked from the top of the chairlift with her mother on one arm and her brother on the other.  I switched to my zoom lens and began photographing the groom as he watched his bride approaching. There were snowflakes gathering on his eyelashes. Talk about alpine charm.

Arapahoe Basin offers an incredibly unique wedding venue. Of course you could always plan a summer wedding there as well. But hey, if you love snow and you love skiing… there’s nothing stopping you from having a classic, winter wedding. Surprisingly, although it’s a ski lodge by day, it is a gorgeous mountain lodge that takes on an elegant look when dressed up for a wedding.  I can tell you first hand that A-Basin is a spectacular place, but combine the astonishing scenery with a couple in love, pristine snowflakes and delectable cuisine and you have a recipe for a night to remember.



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