Bodhi the Berner

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bodhi, our 12 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.

My Bernese Mountain Dog, Bodhi, is way more excited about this recent snow than I am.

AKC describes them as: “A hardy dog that thrives in cold weather, the “Berner’s” intelligence, strength and agility helped him perform the drafting and droving work in the mountainous region where he originated. Today, this versatile breed participates in conformation, obedience, carting, agility, tracking, herding and therapy work. Like the other Swiss breeds, they are tri-colored, with patches of black, rust and white.”

I can attest to the fact that they absolutely love the snow. Every time I watch our two Berners laying out in the dumping snow, flakes piling on top of their heads, I just know that we are giving them the best life possible! Living at 10, 700′ with 9+ months of snow, provides an environment that these dogs thrive in.  Even the summer here is cool enough so that we can still hike with the dogs on most days.
Bernese Mountain Dogs are loyal, friendly, smart and confident farm dogs whose sturdy frames were originally used to pull carts to the market, watch over the farm and act as companions to the farmers.  I have not (thus far) done any carting with my dogs, although it sure looks like fun. That may be something I  do farther down the road. At this point, I simply love owning Berners as they do make the very best companions possible.  The love that pours out of these guys is amazing and they just make you feel good, not to mention that they are just gorgeous to look at and make my heart go pitter patter every time I come home to them!
Daisy and Bodhi are currently laying out in the snow and it is dumping snow on them. I see them both in the porch light, laying back to back and they look so happy and content. I love being able to say that my dogs live the dream life.