Family Portraits in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We had a great morning session with this family and their twin girls in Breckenridge. I always recommend scheduling a photo session in the morning so the weather is better and the kids are not hungry or in need of a nap! I also work quickly with children as their attention span is limited, especially when parents are expecting them to be on their best behavior. These little ones hung right in there though and we ended up with great new summer photos of this family.

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A Snowy Wedding in Breckenridge

I met with Ashley & Clint at one of the most amazing rental homes I’ve seen in Breckenridge. Within a couple of days they emailed to say that they wanted to hire me as their photographer. Wanting to know a bit more about them, I clicked on Ashley’s website to find out that she is a personal life coach. Her tagline is: Confidence, Clarity and Courage. I love this girl already. I am passionate about happy people with positive energy and this woman, this couple, seems to have it in spades. I emailed Ashley to let her know that I was excited to be working with them and also mentioned that she seems to have a great career and a very special skill of helping others. Her response back to me ended with this quote:
“Love who you are and what you bring to the world!”

Well, I do love the ability to work with people on one of the most special days of their lives… and I do love taking photographs of them that they will treasure forever! Thanks Ashley & Clint for being such a lovely couple to work with and for taking an oath to not let anything stress you out in any way on your wedding day! Such great advice to all.


A Spring Wedding in Downtown Breckenridge

Actually, it was a spring wedding reception in Breckenridge. Jessie & Ryan had already married over the winter as they eloped to Iceland. They are the owners of a new bar on Main Street called, “The Mine” and didn’t have a lot of time to be away from the busy ski season and their new business. So, after the elopement, they waited until our slower season and had the reception and party for their family and friends. They also really wanted to include Snappy this time as he was not able to be with them in Iceland. Snappy is a much loved, German Short Haired Pointer who was happy to be a part of the photo shoot at the High Line Railroad Park.

Autumn Portraits in Breckenridge

I was looking back at these images from last autumn. Melissa was hoping we could find a nice aspen grove to photograph her family in. We went to two locations and had a blast! Her twin boys were hilarious and so much fun to work with. I’m happy to say that we will be working together again this summer. This time she has requested wild flowers as the background. I can’t wait to take them to more of my favorite locations!

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Mother & Daughter Portrait Session

You will never regret taking the time for a portrait session with just you and your child. Kristin wanted some new photos of herself for her website and then decided to do a few with her daughter as well. We ended up with some nice individual photos of both of them as well as some adorable images of the two of them together.  We had a lot of fun with the photography and accomplished it all right in their back yard. This session has actually inspired me, the photographer, to hire someone else to photograph me with my daughter! I really do not want to let another year go by without having some great images made of us together! Thanks Kristin for the fun day and the inspiration to arrange my own Mother/Daughter photo session.

A Family Portrait Session.

A Fun, Mother & Daughter Portrait Session.

A Family Portrait Session

Capturing the Love of her Daughter.

A Family Portrait Session

Portraits at their New House Made Day this Extra Special.

A Family Portrait in the Spring



Happy Mama

Happy Mama